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Security Solutions Tailored for Your Business Needs

Get Security Solutions Tailored for Your Business Needs

About LDC Security Services

LDC security services deliver comprehensive security solutions that help protect organizations and businesses of any size against cybersecurity threats and data breaches and violations to maintain a stable and smooth workflow and profitable outcomes. Our fully managed security services provide you with optimum protection by safeguarding your Endpoints, users, and employees with 24/7 monitoring and responding to threats by our expert team with a proven track record.

Why Choose LDC Security Services?

Put your business in safe hands with our LDC professional Security Team that offers round-the-clock monitoring, investigating, and responding to security breaches and threats incidents and ensures a secure environment for your business.

Our Security Services Include

Security Consultancy

Security advisory and vulnerability assessment, as well as DFIR services and Auditing advisory.

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Security Consultancy offers incident response and security assessment to take a well-informed decision

Security Infrastructure Implementation

Deployment and configuration services of security infrastructure including Firewalls, WAF, and Endpoint Protection.

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Get an extra hand in implementing and configuring your security infrastructure

Security Management

Provides management as a service for axes such as FW/NGFW, WAF, and Endpoint Protection Security Operations.

Security Management Learn More
Focus on your business operations and let LDC maintain and operate your security solutions


Round-the-clock security management through 2 plans: Watch & Fortify.

SOC-as-a-ServiceLearn More
Focus on your core business activities and experience a peace of mind with SOC-as-a-Service

LDC Managed M365 Security

Protects M365 environment through ongoing security monitoring, detection, and response.

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LDC Managed M365 Security

LDC Managed Endpoint Security

Managed endpoint protection on Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

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LDC Managed Endpoint Security

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