Focus on your core business activities and experience a peace of mind with our 24/7 security monitoring.

Focus on your core business activities and experience a peace of mind with SOC-as-a-Service

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Protect your business 24/7 with our SOC-as-a-Service! Our expert SOC team passively monitors and alerts you of any potential threats in your environment, including all log sources such as Firewall, endpoint, AV, WAF, and more. With our comprehensive reporting approach, you'll have full visibility into all incidents and can rest assured that our team will handle all necessary alerts and notifications. Don't leave your security to chance – trust our SOC-as-a-Service to keep you safe and secure.


  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

    Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) for enhanced security measures.

  • SOC Monitoring

    SOC Monitoring provides constant surveillance for potential threats.

  • Incident Alerting

    Incident Alerting ensures timely notification of security events to appropriate personnel.

  • Reporting system

    A reporting system that provides comprehensive reporting and analysis of security incidents for better decision-making.

  • Threat Intelligence

    Threat Intelligence feeds incorporated from various sources decrease incident detection response time.

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Fortify Plan


SOC Fortify is a comprehensive SOC-as-a-Service package offered by the Link Datacenter security team that provides 24/7 monitoring, alerting, engagement, and reporting of the environment in scope. This includes monitoring all log sources forwarded to the central logger, proactive incident engagement, and periodic vulnerability scanning. In case of any incident, a ticket is issued, and the SOC team alerts the concerned parties. A periodical reporting approach is maintained to summarize all the alerts within the reported period, and an incident report is created for each incident that includes risks, actions, and remediation. With SOC Fortify, businesses can rest assured that their security is in good hands.


  • Real-time threat monitoring

    Our SOC team provides monitoring of all log sources, including Firewall, endpoint, AV, WAF, and more, to detect and respond to any potential security incidents in real time.

  • Incident engagement

    Once an incident is identified, our team immediately initiates triage and recovery measures to minimize the impact and prevent further damage.

  • Periodic vulnerability scanning

    Our package includes regular vulnerability scanning of the environment, allowing us to identify and alert the concerned parties with any potential vulnerabilities that need to be remediated.

  • Comprehensive incident reporting

    A detailed incident report is created for each security incident,outlining the risks, actions taken, and remediation steps completed to eliminate the threat.

  • Customer-reported incident response

    Customers may report incidents and submit service requests, which our SOC analysts promptly address for speedy resolution. Customers can track ticket status, severity, and work logs, including SOC team recommendations and actions already taken, alongside the standard reporting system.

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What is SOC-as-a-Service?

Our SOC-as-a-Service provides round-the-clock monitoring, alerting, and reporting of potential threats using a wide range of log sources. Our expert team of security analysts ensures prompt detection and handling of security incidents, giving you complete peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

What is SOC-as-a-Service